“Skipping your workout, again? Measuring and Understanding Time Inconsistency in Physical Activity”, in progress, with Kirsten Rohde and Hans van Kippersluis.


Physical activity is a textbook example of time inconsistent behaviour – people continually fail to follow through on their physical activity (PA) intentions. Given this, and the importance of PA in tackling the obesity problem, PA is a popular target for behavioural interventions. However, very few such interventions reach the goal of sustainably improving PA habits.  An insufficient understanding of time inconsistency in PA, and in particular its drivers, is likely an important factor in this failure. We seek to address this by running a longitudinal survey that provides novel empirical evidence on the prevalence and drivers of time inconsistency in PA in a general population sample. We find that one third of the sample is time inconsistent. We also find that time inconsistency is associated with cognitive load (full sample), risk preferences, trait self-control, willpower resources and temptation intensity (sample of time inconsistents). The findings of this study will have key implications both for future PA intervention design as well as the development of theoretical models of time inconsistency.




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“Moving from intention to behavior: A randomized controlled trial protocol for an app-based physical activity intervention (i2be)”, R&R BMJ Open, joint first author with Lili Kókai, other authors: Anne Wijtzes, Jeanine Roeters van Lennep, Martin Hagger, John Cawley, Kirsten Rohde, Hans van Kippersluis, Alex Burdorf.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication? Giving information on time inconsistency to

increase sophistication and commitment demand”, in progress.


“Self-control in health behavior research: Jingle or Jangle?” in progress, with Lili Kokai, Anne Wijtzes, Johan Mackenbach, Alex Burdorf, Martin Hagger, John Cawley, Kirsten Rohde, Hans van Kippersluis.